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Our Services

What We Offer

We offer a wide array of services to match the needs of our diverse clientele.

Please see below for a shortlist of some of our most in-demand services, categorized by division. For pricing, please contact us.


Elevate Stories

  • Content creation (books, articles, blog posts, book reviews, toolkits and briefs)

  • Narrative coaching (one-on-one coaching on works of fiction or nonfiction)

  • Organizational storytelling (help with telling the story of your organization)

  • Organizational development (integrating youth voice)

  • Storyboarding (building video or animation content)

  • Workshops (on storytelling, narrative identity development, building social capital, mentoring and storytelling, and cultivating youth voice)

Elevate Learning

  • Curriculum and training development (in multiple industries and tracks)

  • Instructional and learning design (course development and building)

  • Professional development (to support k-12 teachers, college faculty, nonprofit and corporate professionals, and others in building quality learning experiences)

  • Workshops (topics in creative writing and learning design)

The Untold Narratives

​The Untold Narratives is a free service to help anyone with stories to tell to learn the art and craft of writing. Everyone has a story to tell, yet not all stories are told. Creating more narratives that represent the multiple identities and realities in the world starts with you. The Untold Narratives offers:

  • Narrative fellowships

  • Writing apprenticeships

  • Writing content creation 

  • Educational events

  • Library collection

  • Writing contests

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