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Our Work

Explore Our Current Projects

Our current projects include collaborations with Brandeis University, The Center for Critical Mentoring and Youth Work, and Service Year Alliance.


View selected projects below and discover the impact of our work.


Service Year Alliance sought a consultant partner to design training and tools to help service year programs cultivate skills of their corps members through the delivery of service interventions.

These skills will help prepare corps members for post-service success. The target audience is high school graduates who are taking the year after graduation to complete a service year. The Service Year Alliance wanted to specifically target youth who do not often get opportunities to do service projects or complete service year assignments.


Elevate Stories is responsible for identifying the most common employability skills and creating a toolkit for both supervisors and young workers. Toolkit includes detailed descriptions of each skill, web-based tools and training.

- This toolkit is in progress; upon project completion relevant materials will be available for access. Stay tuned! 

Working in collaboration with the Director of Undergraduate Research, Elevate Stories is developing an online course to support undergraduates in pursuing research opportunities.

The goal is to develop a series of student-facing online modules that students complete before beginning their research positions. Topics include connecting with faculty mentors, applying to do research, conducting literature reviews, understanding basic lab techniques, and learning research ethics among others.


The course is being developed using LATTE (A moodle-based learning management system).

- This course is in development; upon completion relevant materials will be available for access. Stay tuned! 

The Center for Critical Mentoring and Youth Work hired Elevate Stories to write a learning module related to cultivating self-expression to be released as part of Critical Mentoring training for mentoring program staff and mentors.

Topics include: Why Cultivating Self-expression is Important, Counter-Storytelling, Dominant Narratives vs. Counter Narratives, Hip-Hop, Poetry and Visual Art.

- This module is in development; upon completion relevant materials will be available for access. Stay tuned! 

Explore Our Completed Projects

Our completed projects include collaborations with MENTOR National and Apprentice Learning. Peruse our complete projects below and discover the impact we generated working together with our clients.

"We hired Elevate Stories because we needed quality scripts for several animations on a short timeframe.


Liz managed everything from storyboard and script development to selecting and managing a narrator to directing the developers who are overseas. 


From start to finish, this project was in great hands thanks to Liz's leadership. We can’t wait to work with Elevate Stories again!"

- Matt Meyersohn (Senior Director of External Affairs, MENTOR National)

Dr. Santiago facilitated a creative process of writing apprenticeship as part of Dearborn STEM Academy's Career Exploration Day.

"You had quite the devoted following of young writers. Thank you for participating!"


- Helen Russell (Executive Director, Apprentice Learning)

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